DIY positivity

I had so many plans for last week. Baking projects, baby projects, crochet projects, blog posts… And then it all went wrong. My father-in-law went into the hospital for a minor procedure and ended up having major heart surgery. So instead of the baking and sewing and crocheting, I worked and took care of the baby and tried to just keep everyone going. Hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have finished at least one of my projects so that I can post it. But until then, I’m just working on staying positive.

While I was pregnant I took a lot of yoga classes. I was actually in a class the day before I went into labor! My favorite instructor at my local studio likes to start the class with a short story or anecdote from her week, and a quote that helps or inspires or encourages her. In the middle of my pregnancy I also lost my dad to cancer, so I was willing to take positivity wherever I could find it. It was around that time that she read this quote in class:

This really spoke to me, and inspired me a great deal through the pregnancy. Being a mom has definitely proven that it was worth turning my life upside down! So I’d like to share this with you today, and encourage you to embrace the change, big or small, because you never know if life will be better upside down! 

One thought on “DIY positivity”

  1. This is a wonderful quote. Losing your father during your pregnancy must have been tough. I lost my father about a year and a half ago. It is true that while we are in the midst of pain and struggles we can’t seem to imagine something better. There have been so many wonderful experiences during this time and I have certainly learned (and continue to learn) to appreciate life and wait out the storm. I wish your father-in-law a healthy recovery. Thanks for sharing!


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